Diamond Pro® Has Everything You Need To Build The Field Of Your Dreams.

The use of expanded shale and clay was pioneered as an infield conditioner on a single ball field in Texas in 1989. The result was immediate — a faster drying, smoother, safer, more consistent playing surface. Soon afterward the Diamond Pro brand was born. 

Today Diamond Pro is a complete line of professional groundskeeping products that satisfy a wide variety of groundskeeping needs. With its superior products and outstanding customer service, Diamond Pro is currently recommended by many professional sports turf managers, parks and recreation directors, and coaches nationwide. 

Diamond Pro® Product Line-Up

Red Infield Conditioner

Our Red Infield Conditioner creates a natural look that enhances the appearance of an infield. A vitrified clay (expanded shale and clay) product applied to skinned areas of baseball and softball... Read more

Vitrified Infield Conditioners

A vitrified clay (expanded shale and clay) product applied to skinned areas of baseball and softball fields. Diamond Pro® fires its vitrified clay conditioners in a rotary kiln at over 2000° F... Read more

Press Box

Incorporating Diamond Pro into our infield has helped in the everyday maintenance and in building a reputation as one of the best infields in baseball.
— Trevor Vance, Head Groundskeeper, Kansas City Royals

For the past 10 years I've relied on Diamond Pro's products and services to help make our infield the best it can be. During championship play, we play 12 to 14 games over 10 days.
— Jesse Cuevas, Head Groundskeeper, Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha, NE

Diamond Pro's service and quality are #1. They are a one-stop shop for my groundskeeping needs.
— Dennis Klein, Head Groundskeeper, Texas Rangers